Infinite Birthing &
Brave New Birth

Image by Lina Trochez

Infinite Birthing is a creative vision founded by Jaydee Azavari in 2003. 

Our ever-changing times are calling for autonomous, empowered pregnancy, childbirth and wellness support.

It has been our experience that women and families are asking for more- for something more than our local community and the world at large provides.

Brave New Birth Is an innovative new book just released by Andrea Olson! In collaboration with Jaydee Azavari, this book is sure to change the world of empowered Birth! 

The Brave New PREGNANCY NEWSLETTER is the only newsletter that supports

an autonomous childbearing year! 

Get week by week cutting-edge information and advice for a vital pregnancy,

a courageous and confident freebirth, and a thriving postpartum.