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Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education has traditionally been a time to share in camaraderie and friendship as we prepare for the coming of our child(ren). Currently, due to pandemic restrictions, there are no in-person childbirth options in the greater Asheville area. We feel this is a tragic disservice, and are becoming creative to offer in-person CBE classes beginning in 2021!

Learn more specifically related to your unique needs:

  • Newly Expecting - a 3-week course for those in gestational weeks 10-20

  • CBE Series - traditional 5-week course for those in gestational weeks 24-Birth

  • Partners to Birth - a 3-week course focused on the partner as the best birthing support person

  • Instinctual Lactation - an in-depth one day breastfeeding class integrating the newest evidence based practices

Infinite Birthing Childbirth classes are a blend of our diverse perinatal and healing backgrounds. Integrating concepts from sources such as the study of Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Michel Odent and Primal Health Research, These Are My Hours Trauma-informed program, The Matrona, and much more!

Homebirth is the focus in our CBE classes, again because we know the need for this in our community. However, what we teach can apply to any birthing location.

And remember, if you're receiving Full Montrice Care, you can attend our CBE Classes at no cost!

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