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Outdoor, Nature-Immersion Education located in Asheville, NC. AATA offers a program where children can access incredible education while maintaining personal sovereignty. Using a new education model, Therapeutic Arts, as a foundation to transformation. 

Our Therapeutic Arts Education Model, incorporating: 
*Nature Immersion
*Neuro-Developmental Modalities &
*Harmonic Integration
became a reality as we opened our doors to children from Kindergarten through Middle School in the Fall of 2022. 

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Brave New Birth Is an innovative new book just released by Andrea Olson. In collaboration with Jaydee Azavari, this book is sure to change the world of empowered Birth! Whether you want practical guidance for an unassisted birth or simply want to deepen your understanding of natural birth in general, this book is the how-to manual you've been waiting for. Introducing the idea of a Brave New Birth - any birth where the mother and baby are free to birth by instinct and are given the privacy and safety necessary for the body and baby to birth themselves, without interference, intervention, or being watched/measured/observed.

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The Appalachian Center for Therapeutic Arts, is a collective of practitioners and modalities committed to persevere through the darkness, the pain, the parts that we turn from, knowing that as we walk through the fire, what ails us is transformed and our embers become our greatest power.  We offer frequency healing via modalities such as the Harmonic Egg, Sensitive Imago and Rife, along with mental health care, trauma resolution and wellness consultation. 

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A countless number of generations ago Human Beings were given Original Instructions by the Great Spirit for how to exist as humans in harmony with the Earth. The Original Instructions School of Traditional Medicine and Practical Skills has gathered holistic and traditional practitioners from around the world to provide you with accessible education in areas of study that support, exemplify and preserve a way of human life that is in alignment with the Original Instructions.


Original Instructions School of Traditional Medicine and Practical Skills offers classes, workshops, and certification programs online and in person.

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