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Infinite Birthing Care Options

Full Childbearing Care Package

If you're looking for comprehensive, attentive and nurturing care from the beginning of your childbearing journey to the end, this is the option to choose!

We offer a package that we call Full Childbearing Care. This brings together complete prenatal, birth and postpartum support.

  • Up to 12 Prenatal visits

  • On-call birth support

  • 5 Postpartum visits

And, if you choose this package you also may attend any of our group classes at no cost, and receive a 15% discount on additional services we offer!

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Prenatal Care Package

If you're just looking for support during your pregnancy, we offer up to 12 prenatal visits that can be purchased in a Prenatal Package! Some topics covered with our Prenatal care are:

  • Monitoring and teaching about the physiology of pregnancy, taking vital signs, blood pressure & urine analysis

  • Palpating/Belly Mapping and sharing information about the growth of your baby

  • Creating a Birth Plan & finding the right primary care provider for you and your needs

  • Understanding the Neuroendocrineology of the Childbearing time and the Altered State of Pregnancy


Birth & Labor Care Package

Comprehensive on-call support, which includes a weekly visit & unlimited text access beginning at 37 weeks. We will then be present to offer our incredible nourishing care at your birth!
And after, we'll return for a closing postpartum visit.

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Postpartum Care Package

We realize that the Postpartum time is one that is often overlooked and undervalued. We offer a Postpartum Package that provides 5 visits in your home, covering topics such as mental health, breastfeeding and newborn care. We can also provide light cleaning, childcare, physical comfort modalities (such as massage and gently yoga), and fertility counseling if desired.

And wait, let's not forget about the placenta! As part of our Postpartum Package we will also provide you with a placenta reading!

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Ala Cart Services

If a Package is not the right choice for you, we offer all of our services individually!

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Many of our services can also be provided virtually!

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