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Infinite Birthing

Infinite Birthing offers a unique path to fully embrace your power during pregnancy and childbirth.

We view this as essential in creating a self-directed and fulfilling experience.


For example, we teach and offer techniques that are often held as 'practitioner only' knowledge.

Let's unpack this concept...

What really happens when a Cervical Exam is performed? Or when Fetal Heart Tones are taken?

More often than not, these details are unknown to us and we simply give our power over to the provider. This is the opposite of what health care should look like. Cervical Exams and FHT's are tools that ANYONE can learn to do! And at Infinite Birthing this is exactly what you will find- committed, competent providers who support in the unraveling and re-education necessary to reclaim one's autonomy.

What Infinite Birthing Provides

We offer holistic prenatal, birth and postpartum services that can be stand-alone or concurrent with other providers. Our framework is based on the Midwifery Model of Care, yet can be applied to someone choosing a free birth, a medical birth or a midwifery supported birth. The choice is yours, we will meet you there!

The following list is not exclusive, nor is it a rigid outline of your care, but examples of what a partnership between you and Infinite Birthing might look like. Your individual wants and needs are the cornerstone used to design a unique plan that can be fluid and evolve as needed.

Prenatal Support:

  • Monitoring and teaching about the physiology of pregnancy, taking vital signs, blood pressure & urine analysis

  • Prenatal testing support and recommendations

  • Basic lab services (if desired)

  • Pelvic/cervical assessments & well-woman gynecological care

  • Palpating/Belly Mapping and sharing information about the growth of your baby

  • Creating a Birth Plan & finding the right primary care provider for you and your needs

  • Understanding the Neuroendocrineology of the Childbearing time and the Altered State of Pregnancy

  • How to navigate the medical system and be an advocate for yourself during pregnancy

  • Education and support with decision making when variations of normal occur--such as a breech baby, the suggestion of having a 'too small or too large baby,' the suggestion of having low or high amniotic fluid levels, desiring a VBAC, a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, or being 'post-dates'

  • Perinatal mental health guidance

  • Fostering the transformational rite of passage in becoming parents

  • How to prepare for your newborn and the postpartum time

  • And more!


​Labor and Birth Support:

  • On-call services from weeks 37-43

  • Attendance at your labor and birth

  • Education on the progression of your labor

  • Education on the wellness of your baby during labor

  • Herbal and homeopathic remedies that may be helpful during labor and birth

  • Pain relief options

  • Creating a sacred space for labor and birth

  • Navigating the medical model in labor and during birth

  • CPR/Neonatal Resuscitation Certified

Postpartum Support:

  • ​In-home postpartum visits

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Navigating postpartum mental health challenges & mental health care

  • Placenta options and encapsulation services

  • Support with finding community resources and advocacy 

  • Weaving the story ceremonial closing

Is Infinite Birthing

 right for you?

Give us a call and

we'll explore this together!

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