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Claiming Your Rights

Pose at Protest

At its core, Infinite Birthing is rooted in curiosity. Be curious of the limitations that are seemingly inherent within societal structures. Be curious of the ways our family systems are fractured by the larger governing bodies. Be curious about why, to this day, women's rights are still less than those of men. 


We are curious and question:

  • The idea of Required Vaccinations 

  • The idea of COVID as Truth

  • The idea of a Transgender Agenda

  • The idea that Abortion as 'Illegal'

  • The idea that Midwifery as 'Illegal'

  • The idea that Health Care is only for those who can afford it

  • The idea that the Medical System always has our own best interest at heart

  • And more... 

Inspired by the pursuit of pure living and birthing, we have begun The Purity Continuum.

TPC is a collective of like-minded birth & family health professionals

committed to offering care that is aligned with principles rooted in sovereignty.

If you would like to learn more or become a part of this growing, dynamic group,

please sign up HERE!

In the meantime, here are some resources that you might find important,
if you are also someone who is curious!

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