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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Doula? A Midwife?

Infinite Birthing offers something special, neither defined as a Doula or a Midwife, but providers of unique services that cover all of the aspects a Doula offers and many of the services that a Midwife/primary care provider offers. You may choose to have care from Infinite Birthing while having a hospital, home or Free Birth! The options are endless really, and why we believe so strongly in this type of care as the answer to truly empowered, autonomous health care. To learn more about what we offer, click here.

Who is Infinite Birthing right for?

What we provide can be for anyone and everyone! Although it is important to fully understand what we do not do. Please take the time to read through the information on our website, and then reach out to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with us in order to be clear that Infinite Birthing is right for you and your childbearing journey.

What do you charge for Childbearing Care?

Our prices have a wide range depending on how you choose to have Infinite Birthing care. Please give us a call to discuss the option that is best for you!

How many appointments does Infinite Birthing care usually have, are they in my home, at another location, or virtually? How long does an appointment usually last?

Just like our costs, care can have a wide range of variation. 
*Full Childbearing Care has an appointment schedule that resembles that of the Midwifery Care Model. We offer prenatal appts from 8 weeks through 43 weeks--monthly, bi-weekly and then weekly until birth. We offer postpartum appts on a similar schedule, although coming 1-2 times within the first week following birth depending on your needs.
*Appointments may be in your home, at our office location, at an agreed mutual location or virtually! We do add an additional fee if we will be traveling more than 50 miles.
*Appointments typically last between 1-2 hours.

Why do Childbearing appointments last so long?

This is one of the most important essential aspects to Infinite Birthing care! Our appointment time together is when we build relationship and relationship is foundational to a fulfilling, healthy, thriving pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  
We strive to create an experience of trust and one where our nervous systems are accustomed to each other. Why may you ask?!? Because the childbearing time is governed by our neuroendocrine system and in order for this system to function optimally it must be undisturbed! We make it our priority for you to fully understand this concept in all of the care and educational opportunities we provide.

Can I have Infinite Birthing care if I’m planning a Free Birth?

Yes! We love to support families choosing this birth option. Please contact us for details.

What does it look like if I want to have Infinite Birthing care for my labor and birth?

We offer labor and birth support on a limited basis because we want to be 100% present and committed for the process. Due to this, we have a retainer fee that must be paid when we agree to attend a labor and birth. We may have a rotating on-call schedule for your labor and birth. Also, we may rotate between providers at the 12 hour mark in a labor and birth, to ensure that you have a competent, clear provider with you. We can discuss all these details in our free 30-minute phone consult!

Do I need other healthcare providers if I choose to have care from Infinite Birthing?

Navigating support and feeling empowered to choose what is best for you is something we love doing! We however, are not medical care providers, so if you see yourself desiring medical care, a concurrent provider will need to be consulted.
Remember, it is possible for families to create any type of childbearing team they desire! For example, you could choose to have a Free Birth along with us AND medical care.
We are happy to discuss all the options we see available during a free 15-minute phone consultation.
Offering concurrent care is one of our specialties!

Do you offer Trauma-informed services?

Yes! Jaydee has taken trauma-informed trainings, unique and specific to one another.

See her about page for more details.

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